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Film about Don’t tell Ashton

9 Sep

Don’t Tell Ashton from Jonas Åhlén on Vimeo.

This project is made by me and my classmates, Interactive Communication 09/10 at Berghs School of Communication. Watch the film about  how the project started and what happened. Click to see, Don’t Tell Ashton from Jonas Åhlén on Vimeo.
We set out to create something that people could engage in and that could catch the attention of possible future employers and new students alike.

We wanted to explore social currency and wanted to showcase the people and brands that we believe can make a difference just by being social online.

For many people the idea of being foreverized on an artwork was a very attractive thought.

All in all our project turned out in a motion where people felt the sense of togetherness when telling everyone — except one. Don’t Tell Ashton.

Also have a look at our web site: donttellashton.com


Don’t tell Ashton – Our Twitter Experiment

16 May

Have a look at our class experiment at Berghs Interactive Communication 2010.

We have made the worlds first Twitter artwork.


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